Delta Retreat Brings Graduating Seniors Closer in Sisterhood

by Megan Randolph

On a chilly weekend in February, Theta Tau’s seniors headed up to Kentucky to spend the weekend bonding by the lake for some sisterhood bonding before graduation in the next few months. We enjoyed activities from games to movie watching and took plenty of photos by the water! While the weekend was incredibly relaxing, it also opened many of our eyes to the reality that college is ending in just a few short months. We all shared some of our fears going forward and were relieved to know that none of us were alone in how we felt about the not-so-far future. There are many ways we can continue living our legacy as Alpha Gams long after we graduate, which we discussed as well. Because of Alpha Gama Delta we have sisters, role models, bridesmaids, and best friends to help us through our journey in life, no matter where we go. The Theta Tau chapter has had a lasting impression on all of us, and while we’re nervous about leaving our sisters and entering the world, we’re confident knowing we have our entire sisterhood supporting us. Delta retreat was one of the best few days as an Alpha Gam and we’re now ready to finish the rest of the semester strong!



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