Why Alpha Gam?

We recently wrapped up an amazing recruitment weekend here at Theta Tau. We welcomed over 70 incredible women into our chapter and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Recruitment had the entire chapter thinking about their personal Alpha Gamma Delta story, their “Why Alpha Gam?”.

During recruitment, we had a chalkboard with this saying on it and our sisters all wrote their personal reasons that they chose Alpha Gam. It was displayed so PNM’s could see it as they came into the room for Preference Night. We were encouraged to tell our Alpha Gam story during Recruitment and show the PNM’s what AGD is truly capable of doing to our lives.

Our sisters are so in love with our organization. Every single member has their own Alpha Gam story. We all come from different places around the world. We all are studying different things, and we all have passions that lie in a multitude of places. We all share one common purpose, but we all bring different things to the table through that purpose. Now we want to share some of those stories with you.


So why do we love Alpha Gam?

“Alpha Gam is my home away from home.” – Katie Sieger, Music Therapy major

“Alpha Gam surrounds me with women who all have hopes and dreams that they hope to achieve and they push me harder to succeed in my own.” – Victoria Reino, Music Business major 

“Alpha Gam has given me a group of women who love and support me, even on the worst of days. Alpha Gam made my awful transition into college so much easier by giving me sisters who made me feel at home immediately. It’s truly my home away from home.” – Kenzi Butler, Entertainment Industry Studies major

“I love Alpha Gam because of the incredible, inspiring sisters that I am blessed to have in my life.” – Taylor Jones, Psychology major

“I love Alpha Gam because for the first time, I have friendships and support that I don’t have to say goodbye to. I moved so much growing up and now having meaningful friendships from the start of freshman year through today, all because of Alpha Gam. College would not be the same without it.” – Hannah-Kate Schlegel, Public Relations major

“Alpha Gam is full of kind, passionate, inspiring women. I felt welcomed the moment I first spoke to a member. The leadership, sense of community and genuine care of each member is what I love about Alpha Gam.” – Kalin Hagedorn, Music Therapy major

“Alpha Gam has given me some of my closest friends. One of my favorite perks is that I have a sisterhood of girls who all love me and who I can turn to when I need it most. My sisters are a blast to be around and I have made some of my favorite memories in college through my sorority.” – Allie Monday, Music Business major

“I love Alpha Gamma Delta because of how amazing and nice all the girls are. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly that you immediately feel like you belong. I’ve made the best of friends. This sorority is filled with really genuine women and I’m so happy to be apart of it. ” – Liza Jane Catana, Classical Voice major

“I love Alpha Gam because of the great group of girls that I have gotten the opportunity to connect with and call sisters.” – Kaitlin Barnett, Audio Engineering Technology major

“I have always had a hard time making friends with girls. So when I came to college, I wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and I am so glad I did. Alpha Gam has always been there for me. When my friend passed away during recruitment last year, a sister, who at the time I barely knew, waited by me while I was on the phone and gave me a hug without even knowing what was wrong. And when I was chosen to take part in a documentary this summer, my sisters were right there to celebrate along with me. I love Alpha Gam for the never-ending sisterhood, no matter the situation!” – Ella Cox, Communications major

“Alpha Gamma Delta is a community where I receive so much support in everything I do. It is such an encouraging environment!” – Isabel Baldinger, Music Business major

“Without this organization I wouldn’t be who I am. I wouldn’t have my best friends, I wouldn’t have 200 girls to call sisters, I wouldn’t have a purpose to live out. This sorority isn’t just about cute pictures or t-shirts or date parties or formals. It’s about the incredible women in this organization and the values we collectively share and embody.” – Melissa Findley, Music Education major

“I love Alpha Gam because it is full of women from different backgrounds, with different interests and goals. It has allowed me to meet the most interesting people and learn so much about the people around me, all the while giving me a huge support system and a family.” –Shelby Williamson, Music Business major

“Alpha Gam allows our women to be a part of something bigger than themselves. This organizations allows us to experience the joy of servant-hood through the love and passion we have for our philanthropy.” – Ciara Hauber, Management major

“Alpha Gam has given me a home away from home. In Alpha Gam, I am surrounded by women who constantly support me and encourage me to be the best version of me I can be! Alpha Gamma Delta’s purpose and passion for service and growth are a few of the many reasons I love Alpha Gam so much!” – Claudia Lawhon, Music Business major

“I have found some of my best friends that accept me for who I am. I can call them at any hour, and they are willing to sit and listen to anything that is on my mind. I wouldn’t have found them if it wasn’t for Alpha Gam.” – Megan Pigott, Nursing major

“What’s really cool about Alpha Gam is that each and every girl is so different and unique, but we all come together through the values that we share, which are so eloquently expressed in our purpose. The bonds that have been created within our sisterhood are so beautiful and so important, and these are intentional friendships that will truly last a lifetime. I am so thankful and proud to call myself an Alpha Gam because it has taught me the importance of cherishing friendships, encourages me to hold true to my values, and continuously shows me how to live with purpose.” – Alison Bacaling, Entertainment Industry Studies major

“I love Alpha Gam because I can be 100% myself and have friends that can love me for who I am!”  – Kelsey Sharber, Nursing major

“I love AGD because I have formed genuine friendships during my time with this chapter.” –Madi Traxinger, Christian Leadership major

“Alpha Gamma Delta has always had a special place in my heart since my sister pledged at Indiana University in 2010. I admired their sisterly love and so much wanted to be part of that. When I got to join the Theta Tau Chapter, it was a dream come true. Not only have these women supported me through countless rough times throughout college, but they’ve also celebrated all my successes. It’s impossible to forget your worth when your sisters remind you how loved you are daily. Serving as the Vice President of Campus Relations and Membership coordinator have both been such different but rewarding blessings. These ladies believe in me everyday, and never cease to show it. Though I chose Alpha Gam when going through Recruitment, these women have continued to choose me everyday of my college career, and I will never be able to fathom the impact they’ve truly had on my life.” – Margie Larkin, Marketing major

“I have met some of the most intentional women through this chapter. I became an Alpha Gam during a really rough time in my sophomore year. I had just lost my aunt and girls who I had just met offered me their prayers and love. As my relationships have grown stronger in this chapter, their overwhelming support and encouragement is still so prevalent. I am beyond grateful to God for providing me with a school where I can find people like my fellow Alpha Gam sisters!” –Sofia Tosches, Theatre Performance major

“What makes me love Alpha Gamma Delta so much is how we truly fulfill the word sisterhood. Everyone is so unique in their own way and brings something different to our sisterhood. Everyone truly looks out for each other and supports one another and it’s so nice to know I will always have sisters that will be there for me no matter what.” – Ainsley Barry, Mass Communications major

“Alpha Gam is a place supports my wildest dreams!” – Sarah Padgett, Entrepreneurship major

“I love Alpha Gam because it is my home away from home. This community of women empowers me to do the best I can, while also reminding me to stay true to myself and be as I am. I am constantly inspired and in awe of each woman’s accomplishments and what we have created as a chapter. The uniqueness and acceptance of the chapter is why I chose Alpha Gam.” – Kristina Mertz, Social Work major

“I love Alpha Gam because I found my people here.” – Allie Holmes, Exercise Science major

“I love Alpha Gamma Delta because every woman is so genuine!” – Emily Gainer, Corporate Communications major

“I love Alpha Gamma Delta because we have so many different girls that share the same purpose. Each of us have our own experiences that we are able to share.” – Allie Herring, Public Relations major

“Alpha Gam has given me a home away from home and has taught me to grow as a woman. I have learned how to lead and learned how to listen! This sisterhood provides helping hands and shoulders to cry on when needed and there are always sisters there to celebrate with you in your successes! I feel truly, truly blessed to call myself a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Tau!” – Rebecca Green, History major

“Alpha Gam has given me the confidence, love, passion, and wisdom to become a better person. Because of Alpha Gam, I have been able to flourish and meet some of my best friends and future bridesmaids.” – Mary Katelyn Price, Music Business majorcilg_xswsaexiio

Alpha Gam has affected us all in so many different, but amazing ways. Our unique stories weave together and form what we know as our sisterhood. Our purpose binds us all together and helps us to shape ourselves into true Alpha Gam women. None of this could happen without each and every person’s individual “Why Alpha Gam?”.

PC ’16, we can’t wait for you to form your own Alpha Gamma Delta story.


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