An Alpha Gam Christmas

Christmas is a holiday of giving. Our Instagram has been filled with pictures showing different events and times shared with our sisters. Alpha Gam has given each sister someone to grow closer to whether it was through a similar hobby or a random event. When first joining a sorority, the first thought is usually something along the lines of “What will these women give to me?”. While our sisters each give something unique to us and to our chapter, our sorority gives back to our members.

Alpha Gamma Delta, along with every other sorority, has a purpose. Our purpose gives us something to stand for.

Image result for alpha gamma delta purpose All of the ideas stated above give us a guideline to how we should carry out our lives. Our eleven founders gave this to us back in 1904, and it is still valuable to this day.

Our founders also gave us our symbols. We have squirrels, pearls, and red, buff, and green. These items and colors are special to the members of Alpha Gam because they give us a way to show that we are members of this sorority. They also give us cute clothes and items to buy, but that is not the point of this idea. The point is our founders gave us a way to show pride in and display our love for Alpha Gam by giving us these symbols that will always be associated with our International Fraternity.

Alpha Gam also gives its members an international connection. We have sisters that live all over the world. Of course, we will never meet every single member, but we will forever be connected to these women because of this sisterhood. We will all have memories of our time in our chapters that will always be cherished and remembered. We will always have someone who understands.

Alpha Gamma Delta gives to its members and takes from them as well.  All of us have something that we can give and take from our sorority. Whether it be from our founders of from our current sisters, there are lessons to be learned. Give something to your chapter this holiday season and appreciate what has been give to you. Remember, your sisters are worth melting for! Merry Christmas!
Some people are worth melting for - OLAF:




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