Family Means Love

I love you a

February, the month of love, has once again come and gone. Our sisterhood was active in showing our love to one another and our community as we had a Valentine’s Day Table, a week of service, and social media pictures with the hashtag #alphagamlove. While we really focused on showing our love during this month, by being in a sisterhood we show love to one another every day. We vent to our sisters on bad days, we check on each other in passing, and we  show through actions the amount of love we have for one another. Our chapter is more than just a sisterhood; it is a family.

During February, we also had homecoming and family weekend. Our parents and grandparents came from all over to spend time with us and cheer on the Bruins. It was nice to meet and fellowship with the families of the women who have become family. It gives us a sense of where the people we love so much come from and who shaped them into the person they are. It was hard to say goodbye, but knowing that we have sisters as our family away from home makes every goodbye a little bit easier. It even makes our events more exciting!

This week is Alpha Gam week at Belmont. Our sisters are putting on some great events to showcase the love that we have for each other and our Belmont community. It is exciting to see how so many individuals can come together to show how we truly support one another. This week is just a week that we really broadcast the family that we are, but if you look a little deeper you will know that it is always there. Theta Tau is a family, and family means love.


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