Abundance of Alpha Gam Stars

Sisterhood Retreat: a time of bonding, laughter, and smores…. Sisterhood retreat is always one of my favorite activities in Alpha Gam because it is just a time to get away and destress with sisters. I love getting to play fun games like volleyball and catchphrase and writing notes to remind my sisters why they are so special to me. My favorite part of retreating is talking around the campfire.

Looking up at the sky during our campfire, I saw an abundance of stars…. I heard so many of my sisters make comments about how pretty and bright the stars were, but I couldn’t help but think about the beauty of each sister around me. We each come from different places, but we are united by Belmont and Alpha Gam. This is what makes our bonds and laughter so special. I am surrounded by women talking about their goals and their past memories. I am overwhelmed by the love I feel for each of these individuals. We each add something different to the Alpha Gam Community whether it be compassion, loyalty, humor, pride, love and so much more. We each shine individually, but together we light up the Belmont community and show our love for each other and our sisterhood. Here are a few examples of how our sisters think we shine:

  • “My sisters shine by just being themselves. They are already amazing women who are leaders in their own way, but they shine when they really get involved into something that they’re passionate about. They go all in and their passion shines when this happens.”
  • “In their unending and unwavering dedication to meeting and exceeding their dreams for themselves.”
  • “My sisters shine in AGD, Belmont, Nashville, and the entire world through their selfless acts and joy of service. The presence of a Theta Tau woman can make any situation more meaningful and comfortable for anyone.”
  • “I love the way people light up when they talk about their passions, and I see that so much within Alpha Gam. We all have passions that are unique to each member, and I think that’s so beautiful about our chapter. We share common values but still have our personal passions that allow us to shine as individuals.”
  • “My sisters shine by constantly promoting kindness, authenticity, and love in everything they do, everywhere they go. All of my sisters perfectly embody the Alpha Gam purpose but shine in their own unique and amazing ways through living that purpose out every single day.”
  • “My sisters are SUPER involved on campus. I LOVE seeing Alpha Gams everywhere I go!!!!!!”
  • “Everyone has their own interests and passions, but we all support each other in our own endeavors. From connections to get internships to sharing shopping discounts, sisters help each other out however we can! This is the most empowering and deeply loving group of women I’ve ever known, and I’m enternally grateful for it!”
It’s clear through these quotes that we individually shine like the stars, but it takes us coming together and uniting under one purpose for us to really light up the sky. Thank you Theta Tau for being the stars in my life! Let’s keep on lighting up the sky!
-Ally Webb Social Media Coordinator

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